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NextGen CM/ECF

The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania upgraded its CM/ECF software to the Next Generation (NextGen) of CM/ECF on June 29, 2020.  One of the benefits of NextGen is Central Sign-on, a login process that allows e-filing attorneys to use one PACER login and password to access any NextGen court (district, appellate, and bankruptcy) in which they practice.

Standing Order 2020-18, IN RE: The Implementation of the Next Generation of Electronic Court Filing (NEXTGEN) | Read the order.

Upgrade to NextGen CME/CF  effective November 18, 2022.  Changes for Attorneys.






Ensure you have an individual PACER Account (not a shared Firm account).  If you do not have an individual PACER account, register for one at When you get to the PACER web site, please click on Register for an Account and then select the item that applies to you.



If you already have your own individual PACER account, determine whether it is upgraded:

Instructions for Attorneys and Pro Se parties
Instructions for Mediators and CJA Panel Attorneys



Verify you know your PACER and CM/ECF login and password as you will be required to enter these credentials to link your PACER account to your CM/ECF account on June 29th.  Write them down so you have them readily available.

Link to retrieve PACER Username and/or Password

If you do not know your current CM/ECF username please call one of the following numbers:

Harrisburg call: 717-221-3930 or 717-221-3922
Williamsport call: 570-601-8502
Scranton call: 570-207-5607 or 570-207-5623 or 570-207-5625


 JUNE 29, 2020 & After

Link your upgraded PACER account to your PAMD CM/ECF Account:

  1. Open your browser and go to:

  2. Click the CM/ECF Document Filing System link

  3. At the login prompt, type your upgraded PACER Account Login/Password

  4. Click "Utilities", then click on “NextGen Release 1.1 Menu Items”, then click on "Link a CM/ECF account to my PACER account"

  5. Enter your current CM/ECF credentials in the CM/ECF login and CM/ECF password fields.  Click "Submit".  Verify that the CM/ECF account and PACER account listed are accurate.  If so, click "Submit".

  6. You have successfully linked your account.  You will now use only your PACER account to access both PACER and CM/ECF for our court. 

How to Link PACER & ECF Accounts


 JUNE 29, 2020 & After

Attorneys appointed to the CJA Panel and Court-Appointed Mediators are entitled to view documents and docket sheets in the cases they are appointed to without charge. The way you access the docket and receive your fee exemption will change when the court transitions to NextGen CM/ECF.  You should have upgraded your PACER account, have only one PACER account, and linked your PACER account to your current CM/ECF Account before clicking on the link below.  Click on the links above if you have not performed these steps yet.

Exempt Instructions for CJA Panel Attorneys and Mediators

PAMD NextGen PACER FAQs/Troubleshooting

My firm had one account and now we have many. Can we combine the billing?

  • Yes. The PACER Service Center offers the PACER Administrative Account (PAA), a consolidated billing and online account management process that allows groups to manage and pay for all charges associated with multiple PACER accounts.

  • To register for a PAA, click here (link is external). And for more information, read the PAA User Manual (link is external). You may also review the PAA tab of FAQs (link is external).