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This procedure is to be used only for filings and inquiries made outside of regular Clerk’s Office Hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

If a new civil case is filed, and a motion for a temporary restraining order (TRO) or similar document requesting emergency relief is filed after the Clerk’s Office has closed, and court attention is needed prior to the next business day, the filer must call the Clerk’s Office at the following telephone numbers and provide the following information or leave a voicemail message with the following information:

Harrisburg Clerk’s Office: 717-221-3922 or 570-207-5683

Scranton Clerk’s Office: 570-207-5601 or 570-207-5625

Williamsport Clerk’s Office: 570-601-8517 or 570-207-5625

  1. the caller's name
  2. the client's name if the caller is an attorney
  3. the caller’s contact information (telephone number and e-mail)
  4. a detailed description of the emergency that requires immediate court action and an explanation of why it cannot wait until the next business day, and
  5. if documents were submitted through CM/ECF at an existing case, the case number and the docket number of the document requiring emergency attention, or
  6. if documents were submitted electronically at Case No. 4:02-at-6000, the document number of the document(s) requiring emergency attention, and the short caption of the case.

Before calling, attorneys and others that are registered CM/ECF users must file a complaint (if they are filing a new case) along with a written motion for such emergency relief on the Court’s docket using CM/ECF.  If the filing is a new case it should be filed in docket number 4:02-at-6000.  If it is not a new case filing, the motion for emergency relief shall be filed in the existing docket number assigned to the case.

Parties not represented by an attorney and attorneys who are not registered CM/ECF users must submit their documents (including a complaint or other case-initiating document and a written motion for emergency relief) by e-mail to All documents must be converted to pdf.  After submitting written documents via either method, filers must call the emergency number and leave a message to receive expedited after-hours review.

Messages left at the emergency number will be monitored outside of normal business hours.  However, not all calls will be returned, and calls may not be returned immediately.  Messages that do not communicate that a true emergency exists will not be returned.  Messages may not be returned if no written application for emergency relief is received.  To the extent possible, advance notice of Election Emergency Filings should be provided to Chambers (if there is an existing case number) and to the Clerk’s Office during regular business hours.

Media inquiries on emergency matters are to be directed to Peter J. Welsh, Clerk of Court at 717-221-3940.