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Juror Reimbursement

Jurors are entitled to all statutory attendance fees and necessary travel reimbursements, but the payments of these fees and reimbursements must be deferred until after the judiciary receives an appropriation from Congress. 

Attendance Fee    $50.00 per day
Mileage Rate 58¢ per mile - ROUND TRIP (based upon zip code)

Taxability of Attendance Fees
At the end of the tax year a Form 1099 will be sent to those jurors who have received $600.00 or more in attendance fees. This form should be received by January 31. Questions regarding taxability of attendance fees should be referred to a qualified tax advisor.

Criteria for Overnight Stay:
* Prior Approval Required *

* 60 miles (one-way) or 1hr. travel time from courthouse

Per Diem Rates: (For travel in excess of 24 hrs. w/ lodging)

Maximum Lodging
(excluding taxes)

Meals & Incidental
Harrisburg, PA $114 $69
Scranton, PA $93 $51
Williamsport, PA $93 $51
Wilkes-Barre, PA $93 $51


(last updated 1/7/19)