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Courtroom Technology

  • Document Camera - Document cameras, also known as visual presenters, are real-time image capture devices for displaying an object to a large audience. The Document Camera is located at the lectern and allows attorneys to present documents and objects as exhibits on video screens for viewing by the jury, witnesses, court, or counsel.

  • Displays - Monitor displays are located on each counsel table, lectern, witness box, jury box, courtroom deputy and the judge's bench. Some courtrooms have displays for the gallery as well.

  • Annotation Displays - Annotation displays are located at the lectern as well as the witness box. These displays allow for counsel or a witness to highlight, underline, circle, and use a pointer for enhancing the information being displayed.

  • Laptop Connections - VGA and HDMI connections are available at the lectern as well as all counsel tables for portable laptop connection and presentation.

  • Microphones - Microphones are available at each attorney table, witness box, and lectern, and wireless microphones are available for special situations. They are controlled by a main control system managed by each courtroom deputy.

  • Hearing Impaired - Wireless headphones are available for any anyone experiencing difficulty hearing the proceedings.  Each headphone has an adjustable volume control.

  • Video Conferencing - Video Conferencing is available in :

    • Scranton - courtroom 1, courtroom 3 and courtroom 4.

    • Harrisburg - courtroom 1 and courtroom 2

    • Williamsport - courtroom 1 and courtroom 3

    • Each Location has at least 1 portable unit for rooms that don’t have it built in.

    • Ample time is required for testing with remote sites.

  • Jury Evidence Recording System (JERS) - this system provides easy access to electronic evidence admitted during proceedings for jury deliberation. This is achieved through the use of a touch screen monitor in the jury room. This is currently only available in select courtrooms.

**Attorneys are required to make arrangements with the courtroom deputy to test their equipment at least 48hrs in advance

**Attorneys are required to make arrangements with the courtroom deputy at least one (1) week in advance to schedule a video conference.