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  • How Do I clear my browser’s cache?


    Firefox is the recommended browser for use with CM/ECF NextGen. Detailed instructions on how to clear you cache, what information is included in your cache and history, and how to clear it automatically can be found here.

    Internet Explorer 7 and later:

    • Click the TOOLS icon on the toolbar
    • Click the GENERAL tab
    • Click DELETE in the Browsing History section
    • Click DELETE FILES in the Temporary Internet Files section >> Click YES in
    • the Delete Files pop up window
    • Click DELETE COOKIES in the Cookies section
    • Click YES in the Delete Cookies pop up window
    • Click CLOSE
    • Click OK

    Microsoft Edge:

    • Click the SETTINGS AND MORE button [...] on the toolbar
    • Point at HISTORY, a menu will pop up
    • Click CLEAR BROWSING DATA on the sub-menu, a dialog will open
    • In the dialog, select ALL TIME from the TIME RANGE drop down menu
    • Make sure the FOUR [4] CHECKBOXES are SELECTED
    • Click CLEAR NOW at the bottom of the dialog box
  • How do I change my NextGen ECF password?

    CM/ECF NextGen user account information is managed at the PACER Service Center. You can change, recover, and reset your account information there.

    If you have not linked your old Middle District of Pennslyvania CM/ECF account with the new NextGen system, follow the instructions here.

  • What should I do if I’m not sure that I’ve completed the filing of a document?

    Run your Transaction Log from CM/ECF--it's FREE! The log displays all transactions completed by you during a selected date range. If you are not certain that a transaction was successful, review the Transaction Log before you attempt to refile a document. To run the Transaction Log go to Utilities under “Your Account” view Your Transaction Log.  Enter a date range. All successful ECF transactions by date, case number and type will display.

  • How can I make smaller files when I scan a document?

    Scanned documents are frequently very large and may cause ECF to "time out" during filing. In addition, CM/ECF will not accept files larger than 50 MB. To avoid being timed out, choose the optimal scanner setting of black and white (not grayscale or color), set the resolution to 300 dpi, and the paper size of 8½x11. If the scanned document is still too large, separate it into smaller PDF files.

  • What is the proper way to electronically sign a document?

    The signature line on all electronically filed documents must contain a /s/ [typewritten name of person] to be properly e-filed.

  • How do I withdraw a pleading?

    File a document indicating your intention using the Withdrawal of Document event located in the Misc. Events category.  Create a link between the document you’re filing and the document being withdrawn.

  • How do I change my email address in ECF?

    Your NextGen CM/ECF account information is managed at the PACER Service Center. Log in to the Manage My Account portal to change your email address and other personal information.

  • What are the operating hours for the court?

    The court is open 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday, except for federal holidays.

  • What kind of notification does the attorney of record receive on a case?

    All registered CM/ECF users will receive email notification of all filings to a primary email address (there is an option for additional email addresses) which includes a hyperlink to the document and one free look at the document filed.

  • Can I fax pleadings?

    Local Civil Rule 5.2 requires original documents to be filed.  Faxes are not accepted, unless otherwise authorized by the court.