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  • How Do I clear my browser’s cache?

    Internet Explorer Browser 6:

    • Open Internet Explorer
    • Click the TOOLS pull-down menu in your browser
    • Click DELETE COOKIES >> Click OK
    • Click DELETE FILES >> Click OK
    • Click OK in the Internet Options window
    • If you are logged into CM/ECF, log out and then log back in.

    Internet Explorer 7 and later:

    • Click the TOOLS icon on the toolbar
    • Click the GENERAL tab
    • Click DELETE in the Browsing History section
    • Click DELETE FILES in the Temporary Internet Files section >> Click YES in
    • the Delete Files pop up window
    • Click DELETE COOKIES in the Cookies section
    • Click YES in the Delete Cookies pop up window
    • Click CLOSE
    • Click OK
  • How do I change my ECF password?

    Take the following steps to change your password:

    • Click UTILITIES on the blue menu bar
    • Change the information in the password fields
    • Click SUBMIT
  • What should I do if I’m not sure that I’ve completed the filing of a document?

    Run your Transaction Log from CM/ECF--it's FREE! The log displays all transactions completed by you during a selected date range. If you are not certain that a transaction was successful, review the Transaction Log before you attempt to refile a document. To run the Transaction Log go to Utilities under “Your Account” view Your Transaction Log.  Enter a date range. All successful ECF transactions by date, case number and type will display.

  • How can I make smaller files when I scan a document?

    Scanned documents are frequently very large and may cause ECF to "time out" during filing. In addition, CM/ECF will not accept files larger than 5 MB. To avoid being .timed out., choose the optimal scanner setting of black and white (not grayscale or color), set the resolution to 200 dpi, and the paper size of 8½x11. If the scanned document is still too large, separate it into smaller PDF files.

  • What is the proper way to electronically sign a document?

    The signature line on all electronically filed documents must contain a /s/ [typewritten name of person] to be properly e-filed.

  • How can I tell what version of Adobe Acrobat I’m using?

    Open Adobe Acrobat and click the Help pull down menu and select About Adobe Acrobat.

  • How do I withdraw a pleading?

    File a document indicating your intention using the Withdrawal of Document event located in the Misc. Events category.  Create a link between the document you’re filing and the document being withdrawn.

  • How do I change my email address in ECF?

    You may change your email address under the Utilities menu and Your Account, then select Maintain My Email.

  • What is my CM/ECF login/password?

    You must contact the Clerk’s Office at (570) 207-5600 and we will provide you with your login information and reset your password.

  • Why don’t my menus in CM/ECF appear?

    You have logged in with your PACER account information and not CM/ECF account information.