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Juror Reimbursement

Attendance Fee    $50.00 per day
Mileage Rate 58¢ per mile - ROUND TRIP (based upon zip code)

Taxability of Attendance Fees
At the end of the tax year a Form 1099 will be sent to those jurors who have received $600.00 or more in attendance fees. This form should be received by January 31. Questions regarding taxability of attendance fees should be referred to a qualified tax advisor.

Criteria for Overnight Stay:
* Prior Approval Required *

* 60 miles (one-way) or 1hr. travel time from courthouse

Per Diem Rates: (For travel in excess of 24 hrs. w/ lodging)

Maximum Lodging
(excluding taxes)

Meals & Incidental
Harrisburg, PA $114 $69
Scranton, PA $93 $51
Williamsport, PA $93 $51
Wilkes-Barre, PA $93 $51


(last updated 1/7/19)