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Standing Orders


IN RE: Guidelines for Filing and Submission of Audio and Video Content

2022-13 (Supersedes Standing Order 2005-03)

IN RE: Possession and Use of Electronic Devices in Courthouses

2022-12 (Supersedes Standing Order 2005-02)

IN RE: Authorizing Pacer Fee Exemptions for Pro Bono Mediators in Connection With Their Service to the Middle District’s Court-Annexed Mediation Program

2022-11 (Supersedes Standing Order 1998-04)

IN RE: Employee Dispute Resolution Plan (Supersedes Standing Order 1998-04)

2022-10 (Supersedes Standing Order 2014-01)

IN RE: Order Regarding Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds

2022-09 (Supersedes Standing Order 2011-04)

IN RE: Selecting and Empaneling of Grand Juries for the Williamsport Division


IN RE: Revised Court Operations and Jury Trials.


IN RE: Extension of Standing Order 2020-19 Concerning Court Operations Under the Exigent Circumstances Created by Covid-19 With Respect to Teleconferences and Videoconferences for Criminal Proceedings


IN RE: Appointment of John C. Gurganus and United States Attorney.

2022-05 (Supersedes Standing Order 2016-08)

IN RE: Authorizing Exemption from the Electronic Public Access Fees | Supersedes Standing Order 2016-08