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Jury Info

Please be advised that the Middle District of Pennsylvania's eJuror system will be unavailable on Saturday, March 24 from 10:00 am  to 2:00 pm due to system maintenance.  Please use the juror automated information line 1-866-624-7516 to check your reporting status.

Information for potential jurors with links to the eJuror Online Qualification Questionnaire, Frequently Asked Questions, directions to our courthouse locations, and more.

Complete the eJuror Online Qualification Questionnaire

Welcome to Federal Jury Service! (PDF document)

View a Jury Summons to see the grounds for requesting an EXCUSE

Process by Which Names are Drawn from Master Jury Wheels (PDF document)

Restaurants within easy walking distance: Scranton Courthouse | Harrisburg Courthouse

E-mail/Telephone the Jury Administrator in your Divisional Office

Scranton     800-578-1707

Harrisburg     800-786-0254

Wilkes-Barre     800-578-1707

Wiliamsport     800-767-0656

Physician's Statement for Medical Excuse (PDF)

Download the Free Adobe Reader