Criminal Justice Act

CJA Information & Forms

CJA Panel Attorneys Sought 

Panel Attorney Fact Sheet

Interpreter Fact Sheet

Interpreter Claim for Compensation & Expenses Form

Federal Court Interpreter Orientation Manual and Glossary

Notice to CJA Counsel (CJA-19)

Instructions for completing a CJA-20 Form - Appointment & Authority to Pay

Travel Authorization form for Counsel & Service Providers

Judiciary Staff / Contractor Travel Regulations PDF

Per diem Rates

CJA Worksheets

CJA Panel Attorney Compensation Rates and Compensation Maximums (opens in new window)

CJA Panel Attorney Mileage Rates (opens in new window)

Supplemental Information Statement for Compensation Exceeding Case Maximum (CJA-26)

Guidance to Attorneys in Drafting Supplemental Information Statement (CJA-26A)

Guidelines for the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act (opens in new window)

Regulations for the Appointment of Counsel (opens in new window)

Criminal Justice Act Plan

Membership Application for the CJA and Death Penalty Panels


CJA-20 Voucher Excel Spreadsheet

CJA Hourly Spreadsheet Setup and Instruction Guide

CJA-20-Hourly PC Version [1/9/2015]

CJA-20-Hourly-MAC Mac Version [1/9/2015]


CJA-20 Interim Voucher Tracking Form

CJA 20 Interim Voucher Tracking Form Excel Spreadsheet


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