Standing Orders

In RE: Merit Selection Panel for the Reappointment of the Honorable J. Andrew Smyser as United States Magistrate Judge

In RE: Pro Bono Fund

U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of PA: Order Vacating Order Filed to Misc. No. 81-6 (W-B)

IN RE: Possession and Use of Electronic Devices in Courthouses. Supercedes Standing Order 99-5.

In RE: The Honorable William H. Askey

In RE: Authorizing PACER Fee Exemptions for Pro Bono Mediators in Connection with Their Service to the Middle District's Court Annexed Mediation Program

Noncompliance with Standing Order 04-7

Compliance with Electronic Case Filing Registration Requirements

Electronic Case Filing Policies & Procedures

Notice of Electronic Availability of Case File Information